May 23, 2020

CloudKit Extended Pauses

I’ve got something strange that happens with NetNewsWire’s Cloudkit integration. I consider the code stable at this point. I’ve been running it for weeks across 3 different devices and they never go out of sync.

My problem is that the CloudKit operations seem to pause for extended periods of time. This could be an hour, but then it will just break loose and start working again. Restarting the app also clears the problem up. I’d suspect a deadlock of some kind, but it will start back up again without intervention.

What is strange about this is that it only happens on macOS. iOS this never happens on. It seems to be worse if my system is under load or if I’ve left it NNW running for an extended period of time. It happens for both fetch and modify operations. I’m at a loss as to if this is a test environment issue, something with my machine, or a coding problem. Any one ever seen anything like this before?