May 18, 2020


I’ve been analyzing the database I created for Feed Spider that models the Wikipedia categories in a relational database. I’m using PostgreSQL for the database and wanted something nicer than the command line to execute my queries.

I searched around for a bit and settled on Postico. It’s a PostgreSQL front end written by some indie devs. It’s what Brent Simmons would call a Mac-assed Mac app.

Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 5 56 35 PM

I’ve only been using it a couple days, but it has made my life much nicer while working with both DDL (data definition language) and DML (data manipulation language). It was an easy decision to buy it. It’s only $40 if you get it from their site or $50 through the Mac App Store.

Some days I can’t but help to step back and marvel about where we are technologically in the developer world. I used to work at companies that paid big money for Oracle or DB2 with their shitty Java based developer frontends. Now I can have a high powered database for free, with a real AppKit front end for less than the price of a night out with my wife. Good times.